Interior Design Inspo - Storage Solution

Finding a place to store all your little one’s belongings and toys can sometimes be a problem.  Hanging storage on the wall is a great way to add a decorative touch to your little one’s room!

Here’s a super easy, cost effective storage solution which can be painted in your choice of colours or ask your little one what colours they like!  As your little one grows and their tastes change, the crates can easily be upcycled and repainted!

You will need:

8 wooden crates (available from Kmart either in-store or online)

5 Resene testpots in your choice of colours (the paint is water based meaning an easy clean up!)

Paint brush


  1. Paint each crate inside and out in your choice of colour. You will need two or three coats.

      2.Once the crates are dry, lay them on the floor in the layout you want to hang on the wall. Keep moving them around until you are happy with the layout. 

Tip:  Take a photo or place A4 sheets of paper underneath each crate so you have a visual reminder of your layout to refer to while hanging your crates on the wall.

  1. Either screw the crates to the wall or, if you’re using them as display shelves with very light things inside, you could use 3M Strips.

(Credits:  image and instructions from OH baby! Magazine Issue 55 Spring)